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After anticipating a life filled with happy memories, you may feel apprehensive about the future. Our legal team will help you reduce the burden on your family and give your child the best possible chance for effective treatment and the best possible quality of life.

Birth trauma often occurs when a medical professional uses too much mechanical force during delivery. Cuts are all types of mechanical damage that a baby can suffer upon discharge from the hospital. These injuries are generally considered mild and heal on their own, but some types of nerve injuries, such as brachial plexus injuries, do not heal completely.

New inexperienced attorneys who are less successful in court may be able to offer you lower rates for their services, but in the case of birth trauma and your baby’s health. UNKNOWN BIRTH INJURY LAWYERS are experienced to tackle all types of complex cases. Lawyers often argue that the patient was the cause of the child’s injury, or that the injury was beyond anyone’s control. UNKNOWN BIRTH INJURY LAWYERS thwart these tactics with well-organized discussions and the testimony of experienced expert witnesses.